Every quality conscious organisation wants to do everything they can to ensure the smooth and safe running of their day to day activities. When it comes to fire safety, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 makes it a legal obligation to ensure that fire equipment is installed and maintained to minimum quality standards.


Simple issues like correct location and proper fixing can be crucial in the event of a fire. Your Fire Risk Assessment will specify in reasonable detail where and how equipment should be installed, but why take the risk of getting it wrong? We believe that every part of your fire risk strategy should be of the highest quality, and that includes installation.

At EFL Fire we have the accreditation and track record of an experienced and professional installer. We will naturally expect to install any equipment that we supply, but we can also take a look at any existing equipment and make sure that it has been installed correctly and in the right place.


For fire prevention systems to work reliably 24/7 they must be regularly maintained by properly qualified technicians, and the regulations make this ongoing maintenance of equipment a legal necessity! Whilst using in-house maintenance resources might be able to attend to some of these issues, can you take the risk of using non specialised staff to deal with specialised equipment and standards?

Our maintenance team are individually accredited, ensuring that their personal workmanship is both of the highest standard and meets or exceeds the regulatory requirement. By using EFL Fire you can have complete peace of mind that your investment in fire protection systems is fully compliant with the regulations and giving your staff a safe place to work.

Renewal Strategy

Fire equipment has a working life, and it’s important to make sure that an equipment renewal strategy is put in place to make sure:

  • Equipment at the end of its working life is replaced as a matter of course
  • Equipment maintenance does not become uneconomic
  • Advances in equipment are taken advantage of in a pragmatic fashion
  • Where cashflow is a consideration, sudden high expenditure is avoided by staging the renewal of fire protection equipment.

As part of our maintenance service to you, we will advise you on the renewal of your equipment in the most cost effective way.

Contact us about your installation and maintenance requirement

Due to these unprecedented circumstances, we have adopted measures to ensure EFL Fire & Security can still provide essential services in line with government guidelines to new and existing customers.

We recognise that fire, life safety and the security of property and assets is important to you. Please contact us on 01903 830664 for assistance or email advice@eflfire.co.uk with any fire and security requirements