Legal obligations of employers

The regulations within The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2006 require you to take initial action to ensure that your organisation meets the required standards, and then ongoing action to ensure continuing compliance with the standards

Ongoing Action

Fire prevention is not just a ‘tick the box’ exercise that you can complete and then forget about for a few years. The regulations make it a legal requirement for you to continually monitor the situation and respond to changes. The main aspects of this process are inspection, maintenance and training.

You, or a competent person, should inspect you premises and the previously identified areas of hazard to ensure that standards are being upheld. Any equipment relating to fire prevention should be maintained by a competent maintainer; this could include servicing of fire extinguishers, testing and maintaining fire alarms and emergency lighting, and a realistic plan for equipment replacement over time. Finally, training should be undertaken in a structured fashion, making sure that appointed persons and general staff are fully competent to act if a fire should occur.


The above legislation is enforced by the Fire Authority, who are taking a pro-active stance with regard to securing compliance. Serious breaches may result in prosecution action being brought against those responsible, so if you haven’t yet complied with the regulations, now is the time for action.

Further Information

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