People often ask “Do I need a fire risk assessment”. The legislation on fire safety at work is comprehensive, and businesses who fail to comply can be punished severely. If you are a business, who needs a fire risk assessment then read our guide to complying with fire safety legislation in the workplace.

Who needs a fire risk assessment?

All businesses in the United Kingdom are bound by a piece of legislation known as the RRO (the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 to give it its full name). The RRO requires businesses to name a responsible person for fire safety, and that person has a series of responsibilities. One of the first actions that person must take is to carry out – and regularly review – a fire assessment of your business premises. The objective of the fire risk assessment is to identify what you need to do to prevent fire and keep people safe. That goes for both your employees and any visitors or customers.

Do I need a fire risk assessment?

If you wonder who needs a fire risk assessment, then the answer is “you”! Many businesses think that the fire brigade will conduct your fire risk assessment, but this is not true. They may well visit your premises to check it has been done, and they can take enforcement action if you have not got one, but fire safety at work is your responsibility. It is possible for you to undertake a fire risk assessment yourself, but the person who completes the assessment has to be considered “competent” in the eyes of the law. If you have not got the expertise or time to do the fire safety at work risk assessment yourself, then you should appoint a ‘competent person’ to help you. That’s where a professional risk assessor from EFL Fire & Security can help businesses to maintain the very best fire safety practices.

What does a fire risk assessment entail?

Our trained fire risk assessors visit your premises and conduct a visual survey. During their inspection, they will identify any fire hazards and which people are put at risk from them. The inspector will talk to you about other fire safety matters, for example: your fire safety procedures, evacuation plans, fire safety training for staff and the type and location of your fire-fighting equipment. We will also ask you to provide us with any documentation you have that is related to fire safety. This includes documents such as maintenance records, policies, previous workplace fire safety assessments and so on.

How often is a fire risk assessment required?

Once you have completed the initial fire risk assessment for your premises, it must regularly be reviewed by the responsible person, as it is a “living document”. How often it needs to be reviewed will be determined by the responsible person in conjunction with the person who completed the risk assessment. The period after which it is reviewed depends on the type of premises, and the specific risks to life in the building. A review once a year is generally considered to be best practice, but if there are high risks to safety, it may need to be reviewed every three or six months. Additionally, if you make any significant changes to the building, or if you have a fire or a near miss, a change in working processes or a high turnover of staff then the original risk assessment may become out of date and it should be completed again.

EFL Fire & Security

EFL Fire & Security are members of a nationally recognised scheme which certifies our ability to carry out life safety risk assessments in compliance with the RRO, and all our new risk assessments come with a certificate of conformity for your peace of mind. On average, fire risk assessment inspections take a few hours, but this can vary depending on the size of your premises. The risk assessor will need to talk to you beforehand to ask some questions and conduct a site survey. Once the risk assessment is completed you receive your final report, containing photographic evidence if applicable, and your remedial action plan in about four weeks.

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