We all think it will never happen to us, but we should all protect our homes from criminals. Burglary prevention comes down to home security – if you make your home a harder target then thieves will tend to move on. Here are our top home security tips.  

Our Home Security Tips!

There are some simple and obvious pieces of burglary prevention advice that all homeowners should follow: always locks your doors when they are not in use, even if you are in the house; fit and make use of locks on all of your windows and, if you have a burglar alarm system, make sure you use it! The police and security professionals advise that the secret to crime prevention is “target hardening”, whereby you take actions to make your home less attractive to opportunist thieves.  

If you would like even more security in your home, then EFL Fire & Security can supply some of the top home security systems on the market today for your peace of mind.  

Intruder Alarms

Most lists of home security tips recommend somewhere near the top that you fit a suitable intruder alarm system in your home to improve its security. A professionally installed intruder alarm system is one of the most effective tools for burglary prevention. According to the British Insurance Association, properties without a burglar alarm systems are up to seven times more likely to be the target of burglary than those that do not have protection.  

Both wired and wireless burglar alarm systems are available, with each type having its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. While wired systems are generally more popular, and preferred for professional installations, they can be harder to fit in older or listed buildings, in which case wire free may be the best choice. If you do have an intruder alarm, remember to always set it when you are out of the house – and remember if you have a zoned system that you can set an alarm downstairs while you sleep upstairs for an added layer of security.  


CCTV is one of the most effective ways to protect your property. It acts as a strong visual deterrent against vandalism and burglary. CCTV cameras allow you to view and capture footage that may be useful in the prosecution of offenders. The types of systems available range from standard analogue CCTV, which is a popular budget solution, through to high definition and IP system which link to your computer for greater functionality. Most CCTV systems now have the facility for you to remotely view your security images by smartphone, tablet or laptop as standard.  


If the worst happens and someone does manage to gain entry to your home with the intention to steal, there is another line of defence that you can use to protect your property – a safe. Fire safes also keep important documents and items safe from fire, as their name would suggest. A professionally fitted safe can have a key, combination, digital or biometric locking system for your convenience. Make sure to always purchase a safe from a reputable seller and installer: If you buy a safe that does not have the independent test certification your valuables could be at risk. A cheaper safe can be very easy for a thief to open or even remove completely.  

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