While somewhat understated when compared to other components such as fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, it is an undeniable fact that fire doors play an equally critical role in terms of safety within the modern workplace. These humble portals could very well save lives if used in the appropriate manner, so their presence should never be taken for granted. Let’s take an in-depth look at the roles that quality fire doors play as well as the numerous advantages which they are able to provide.


Keeping Fires Contained


There were no fewer than 261 fire-related deaths in the United Kingdom between 2016 and 2017 (1). It can be argued that many of these incidents could have been prevented with the use of a properly functioning fire door. Of course, one of the main purposes of these units is to reduce the chances that a fire will spread from one area to another. Not only can this save lives, but it will also massively cut down on property damage.


Aiding Firefighters


In the event of a fire, minutes and even seconds count. As these doors will help to mitigate the spread of a fire, anyone trapped within a certain portion of a building will remain safer for longer. In turn, fire doors will provide firefighters with a greater temporal window in order to attend to any victims. such benefits are essential; particularly in larger structures that may present challenges to first responders. So, it is clear to see that the importance of fire doors goes far beyond simply halting the flames alone.


Grenfell Tower Fire - Prosecutions

Reducing Smoke and Contaminants


Smoke inhalation causes a massive number of injuries each year. A significant portion of these can be prevented with a fire door. Even if smoke does enter, the chances are high that it will be much less copious when compared to a normal door. We should also keep in mind that the physical damages associated with smoke will be reduced.

Marking a Clear Exit Route


The importance of fire doors goes far beyond the characteristics mentioned above. These portals will also act as static “beacons” in the event of a fire. As many can be marked with high-visibility signage, they will be clearly seen even during low-light conditions. This could signify the difference between remaining trapped within a dangerous environment and being able to escape to a safer location.


Choosing the Best Door for Your Needs


It is absolutely critical to choose a professional installer with years of experience. There are several factors which need to be taken into account including the size of the door, its fire rating and how easy it can be accessed in the event of an emergency.


EFL Fire & Security specialises in providing customers with a host of different services. From installations and safety assessments to 24-hour monitoring, customers are always in good hands. If you wish to equip your business with only the most advanced safety equipment, please contact us via our online enquiry form or by calling a representative. There is no such concept as ·second best” when it comes to fire safety.




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