Emergency Lighting System

if power fails, emergency lights will provide lighting for safe exit

Fire Emergency Lights & Spot Lights

EFL can provide a comprehensive range of emergency lighting system services including:

– System design

– Full emergency light installation

– Preventative maintenance

– Optional cost effective LED fittings

Emergency Lighting is a self-descriptive term, a backup system essentially needed in a local or general mains power failure.

Emergency Light System

The size and type of your premises and the risk to the occupants will determine the complexity of the emergency escape system required. In simple single storey premises where borrowed lighting or torches are not appropriate, single ‘stand-alone’ escape lighting units maybe sufficient and these can sometimes be combined with exit or directional signs. The level of general illumination should not be significantly reduced by the sign.

In larger, complex premises a more comprehensive emergency lighting system of fixed automatic escape lighting is likely to be needed. This will be particularly true in premises with extensive basements or where there are significant numbers of staff or members of public.

In other large premises such as warehouses and factories, an efficient and effective method of illuminating escape routes in an emergency is by using spot lights. These are normally self-contained units consisting of a battery, switching mechanism and spot lights, fitted to operate automatically on a circuit or mains failure.

As stated in BS 5266 all the locations stated below should be covered by emergency lighting in case normal lighting fails:

  • On staircases
  • Change of direction
  • At each exit door
  • Above safety signs (if not photo luminescent)
  • At each final exit point
  • At fire alarm call point
  • At Intersections
  • At any change of floor level
  • Above fire fighting equipment

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