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Fire Alarm Monitoring services include:

  • Liaison with appointed key holders
  • Requesting Police and Fire Brigade response to confirmed activations
  • Customers help desk support and false activation abort
  • Fault reporting trail
  • Open and close activity audit trail
  • The option of key holder ‘Lone worker’ protection service

Monitored Fire Alarm

For less than £1.00 a day your Fire alarm system can be monitored 24 hours a day. We do not underestimate the importance of protecting your property, family and business and at EFL we highly recommend that your alarm system is monitored, especially out of hours. 

‘Bells only’ fire alarm systems only warn the occupants within the building or those in close proximity. Commercial properties are likely to be unoccupied out of hours and domestic properties are vulnerable when the owners are on holiday or away for long periods of time. So the question is, can you rely on your neighbours or passers-by to respond to any alarm activity at your property, investigate the cause and contact the emergency services on your behalf? In most cases, the answer is “unlikely”

By means of simple communicator connected to a standard (PSTN) telephone line on site , GSM or GPRS signalling mobile network the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will receive notification of an alarm activation immediately and an operative will alert the property owner, key holder and emergency services (if confirmed) without delay.

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fire alarm monitoring services
fire alarm monitoring