Fire Protection Equipment

Our bespoke service can provide a wide range of fire protection equipment to suit all environments and are manufactured to the highest standards. We supply a complete range of ancillary fire protection products including:

Hose Reels

 Fixed and hinged fire hose reels come in manual and automatic versions. They are manufactured and approved to British and European Standards and comply with strict testing for durability and performance. They can be supplied as the drum only or with the fire hose ready fitted, in different lengths, as well as there being a selection of spray or jet nozzles.

Fire Blankets

 Fire blankets can be used to wrap around someone to protect them from a fire, as well as to smother and extinguish flames in residential and commercial settings, such as over a kitchen fire or a waste bin. They range from 1m x 1m to 1.8m x 1.8m and are manufactured in accordance with the latest fire safety regulations. Fire blankets have a tamper-evident seal and are Kitemark certified.

Fire Point Stands

Fire point stands come as single or double stands and typically come in red or grey, providing a place to store fire extinguishers for easy access. Made from hardwearing plastic, fire point stands don’t need to be drilled or installed, making them a cost-effective yet practical solution. Fire point stands come supplied with safety labels and won’t chip or scratch for extra durability and longevity.

Fire Extinguisher Boxes

Fire extinguisher boxes and cabinets accommodate all types of commercial property and can be used for internal or external use to protect fire extinguishers from damage from weather or from being tampered with. Fire extinguisher boxes are available as single or double boxes, as well as the choice of lockable cases to protect firefighting equipment from theft or vandalism.

Fire Covers

Ideal for protecting fire extinguishers from damage, fire extinguisher covers are available in medium or large sizes and are manufactured from PVC for suitability for indoor and external use. These covers protect the fire extinguishers from harsh environments and prolong the lifespan of the equipment. Fire extinguisher covers are also available for wheeled extinguishers.

These products are ready to use and come supplied with the necessary fixing where required. Our fire safety products are available to everyone from homeowners and landlords to public spaces such as hospitals, offices, education facilities and churches.

Interior design is becoming more and more important in the modern business world and it is good to know that EFL can offer a huge range of colours and designs to suit our customer’s requirements.

For instance, stainless steel stands are becoming more popular adding a touch of class to what would otherwise be an unsightly area. In conjunction with stainless steel extinguishers, they really do look striking and would enhance any environment.

Extinguisher Covers are now being used as a deterrent against “misuse”, especially useful in Schools and Colleges where there is a greater risk of extinguishers being tampered with.

EFL also provides Logbooks to our clients, vital now in the responsibilities for all concerned in the management of their Fire Risk Assessment.

If there is any fire protection equipment that you require which is not listed, then please contact us.

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Fire Protection Equipment
Fire Protection Equipment - Extinguisher Stands