Wet and Dry Risers

delivering water to where it is needed

Dry Risers

Dry risers consist of a main water supply pipe permanently installed within the building. Under normal circumstances this is does not contain any water hence the description “dry”.

If the need arises this pipework is used for fire-fighting purposes, the fire services connect their hoses to the external “inlet” whilst “outlets” are positioned in suitable locations, normally on each floor or staircase for connection of further hoses, using this system it is possible to deliver large amounts of water to various upper floors of a building quickly and easily without the need to trail hoses down staircases etc.

Dry risers should be inspected twice per annum consisting of a hydraulic test (pressure tested with water) and a visual inspection.

EFL can provide a comprehensive range of wet and dry riser services including:

Dry Riser Maintenance

Here at EFL, we offer a full maintenance service to ensure that your legal obligations are met and your riser is fully operational

Dry Riser Testing

The EFL full testing service is carried out to the highest standards. Contact us today for more details.

Wet Riser Systems

Working along the same principles as dry riser systems, wet risers are typically installed in buildings over 50m tall and are permanently charged with water from a pressurised supply, outlet valves are fitted at specified points to allow the transportation of water to upper floors of a property.

EFL offer a full testing, maintenance and repair service to ensure that your systems are fully operational and fit for purpose.

Whatever environment you own or manage, the experts at EFL can provide you with professional help and assistance, ensuring you have the correct wet and dry riser system for your application and are complying with all necessary standards and legislation. So contact us today for more information!


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