Inventry visitor management

Do you know exactly who is in your building right now?

Discover digital visitor management…

In a nutshell – digital visitor management means a touch screen on your front desk for staff, site visitors and contractors to check in and out of your site rapidly. The software is linked to your computers for easy management.

Are your visitors still signing in and out with paper and pen? For businesses with a handful of staff and a few occasional visitors – this may be enough. However, if you want a fully featured electronic visitor sign in system, it is now cheaper and easier than ever before.

You can now obtain InVentry visitor management through EFL. The electronic visitor sign in system comes in a variety of configurations that EFL Fire and Security will be happy to guide you through.

Ten Reasons to Go Digital with Visitor Management

  1. It’s impressive. Visitors sign in on a digital touch screen and their visitor pass is printed off as they wait. First impressions count!
  2. Health & Safety compliance made simple. Visitors can read your site rules and regulations (in many languages) and tick a box to prove it.
  3. Emergency Evacuations are much easier. Multiple safety officers have an iPad or smart phone application listing all unaccounted staff, contractors and visitors. These can be checked out remotely during roll call at your meeting point. All changes made by users are seen by all users.
  4. Staff sign in and out with barcodes and the system can generate reports on staff hours at the touch of a button.
  5. Quickscan units can be placed at several entrances and exits so visitors don’t have to trek all the way back to main reception just to sign out.
  6. Big group of visitors coming in? Perhaps a training day? Pre-book them in and email out their day pass barcodes – they can swipe themselves in without speaking to the front desk using a smart phone or a print out.
  7. Email or text alerts go straight to the member of staff responsible for the visitors to signal their arrival on site.
  8. Visitors upload photos to the system at home. Notification emails contain images so you know your visitor before they arrive. Ideal for an unmanned reception.
  9. Perfect for multi-tenant offices. Sign in screens branded to individual companies. Alert emails go to individual company addresses.
  10. Manage your vehicle permits from the same system.

InVentry visitor management comes in variety of modular configurations depending on your needs. Why not have a chat with EFL and find out more? Call 08458739973