The Indian Summer is finally giving way to darker evenings and as October wanes we’ll be seeing sunset before 17:00. The extra hours of darkness bring out the ghouls, goblins and unfortunately, the burglars and anti-social behaviour. According to figures published by Halifax last year there are 21% more burglaries in winter. So what can you do to make your home and business a hard target? Have a look at these winter security tips:

  • No fooling! Burglars know the difference between fake and real alarms. Install a genuine EFL Intruder with an alarm bell box in a prominent place and you’ll deter most opportunistic thieves.
  • Set the alarm! It’s no good if you don’t get into the habit. Even when you are asleep upstairs or spending the evening in the garden with a box of fireworks.
  • Form a habit! Get into a routine of doing a quick security check of all doors, gates and windows.
  • Is your front door up to standard? Install a 5 lever mortice lock and night latch. Check if you need to upgrade the cylinder in your UPVC / composite door to prevent picking, bumping and drilling.
  • Use a door viewer and a door chain for unexpected visitors. Bogus callers can be a nuisance to us all but in most cases, they will target the elderly and the
    vulnerable. In some cases, they may pose as a charity worker or as an official from a gas or electricity company.
  • Going away from Christmas? Put your lights on timers.
  • Don’t leave valuables in view from the window.
  • Invest in a safe that is professionally fitted and lock your valuables away. At EFL we have a wide variety of high security safes, strong boxes and fire proof vaults and can advise you where best to install it
  • Consider installing CCTV with motion sensors and monitor your property remotely from your smart phone or laptop. The camera alone can act as a deterrent but our representatives at EFL can advise you how to get the best results from high definition camera systems to suit your budget.
  • Floodlights on motion sensors can scare a chancer away and alert you to their approach.
  • Don’t hide keys, everybody knows to check under the mat or behind the flower pot!
  • All downstairs UPVC windows should be fitted with locks have visible key locks. Sash and casement windows should be fitted with locks too (Ideally, upstairs too.) Hide the window lock keys in a memorable place for easy escape in emergencies or fire
  • Lock up your tools and ladders. Don’t leave anything helpful to burglars outside.

These winter security tips apply to both your home and your place of business. And if you’re looking for complete peace of mind you can always contact experts here at EFL Fire & Security to evaluate your needs. We provide free consultation and affordable solutions to secure your property and provide peace of mind.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 08458739973 and visit our website on

Most burglars are looking for soft targets, so even a few measures can really help your chances. Then you can relax and enjoy the warmth of home and hearth in the winter time. And take a moment to chuckle about the 1% of people surveyed by AA/Populus Home Panel who routinely set ‘Home Alone’ style traps for burglars at Christmas time! Hopefully these winter security tips helped!