zerio radio fire alarm system

Radio Fire Alarm Systems are now more reliable and affordable than ever, with long life batteries as reliable hardwired systems.

Benefits of a Wireless Fire Alarm System

No Cables – With no need for cables your alarm system can be easily fitted into a premises or property without affecting the aesthetics of the room.

Historic Buildings – Many historic properties have restrictions in place when it comes to altering or adding to them in any way, a wireless system is therefore a great way to remain fire safe whilst complying with regulations and standards.

Quick Installation – A Radio or Wireless Systems is phenomenally quicker to install than a traditional wired system. A single device can be fitted in around 30 minutes whereas a hard wired system can take weeks or months to install and cause more disruption.

Temporary Use – The quick and easy installation of the system means they are used on construction sites as they can be easily moved for each stage of a build or project.

The reliability of radio fire alarm systems is also dependent on a successful radio survey being carried out by a person trained to carry out a radio fire alarm survey.  This is to ensure that the building is suitable for a radio fire alarm system and also to ascertain where the fire alarm panels and signal booster panels should be installed.

Recently we have installed a new radio fire alarm system for Christina Breene from Brighton. She wrote to us to say the following, of which we are very proud and grateful to have received:

Just want to say a HUGE great big thank you for what has turned out to be a super fire alarm system. Your helpful, excellent advice proved to be spot on.

Mike has not long left and everything is working fine – so not only an unexpectedly speedy fitting, but it has been done beautifully, thoughtfully, with care…. and even with patience when I expressed my concerns. What a professional!

At the moment I especially appreciate your words regarding the aesthetics, since the system has actually turned out to be very unobtrusive in all the flats – and even in the communal hallway where the control panel and emergency lighting are fitted, Mike has ensured the same. I so value all the time he took to check things with me, that I was included as to where the equipment to be sited, etc. He even took the trouble of getting different, better fittings, aligned everything neatly, then left everything clean and tidy.

Mike also gave good advice re items on our fire report that were not on his remit – well actually all your colleagues at EFL have offered the same helpful approach and service. I am also very impressed by the flexibility, the willingness to fit in with our difficult issues and deadlines.

I just knew you could be trusted to offer a great service, a fair price and brilliant service.

Thank you!

105, Upper North Street Association

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